What is the call center software?


For enterprises, there are two options for building a call center. One is that the hardware and software are built by themselves. This kind of early-stage construction cost is slightly higher. The advantage is that the call quality is good, the data information is safe, and the one-time construction is long-term use. Another is that enterprises can quickly set up, without buying any hardware equipment and software, just rent it. This method is called a cloud call center, which is suitable for most enterprises.

The call center system is a combination of a set of hardware equipment and software. Strictly speaking, call center software refers to call center IVR software, CTI software, and call center business software (such as customer service system, customer management system, work order system, etc.). Nowadays, most companies adopt the cloud call center model when building call centers. Therefore, call center software is no longer sold separately, but the call center system combines these software functions together, collectively referred to as the call center system. Features.

What are the call center software?

1. IVR software

IVR software is interactive voice response. It is a powerful telephone automatic service system. Consultation and inquiries can be made through voice navigation prompts. The most typical example is the voice navigation function at the beginning of the customer service call of various large enterprise groups and banks. Customers can get a response by selecting different number keys or entering the extension number.

2. CTI software

The role of CTI software is to provide general call center system platform functions and interfaces, and to connect CTI hardware with system application software. Generally speaking, the typical applications of CTI in call centers include but are not limited to: customer information screen pop-up function, personalized call routing function, and dial control function.

3. Business software

Call center business software is the key for enterprises to integrate call center functions with their own business. It mainly refers to third-party business management software developed or purchased by enterprises, such as sales management systems, ERP systems, OA systems, e-commerce management systems, TV shopping operation system, order processing system, etc.