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Call center lite
Contact Center Pro
Office phone system
Lite way call center software for small business with a smaller sales or support team. This hosted phone system come loaded with auto attendent (IVR), record and forward, text missing call to you for rapid response, free web chat bot, web voice over internet call and support page on Easiio site to link back to your own web site.
Best cloud based call center solutions and ticketing support system for small and mid size support/sales team of up to 100 agents. All professional call center features with a price of standard office business phone system. Make your customer and your agent happy with easier sms text support, integration with support ticket platform, VoIP call, call center dialer, web chat, quality voice and even video.
Get started in Minutes
All you need is an Internet connetion to start using Easiio Contact Center Pro
Set up quickly
Activate mulipe accounts and give your team immediate access to telephoy,
SMS and PBX service.
Communicate on any device anywhere
Any device can become your own virtual office
Office phone system allows small business to be more efficient in VoIP communication with office phone, auto attendent, SMS text messaging and customer support features. Including advance cloud business phone features with fraction of the cost. It supports PC, MAC, smartphone devices and it is possible to provide private, and hybird cloud deployments.
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Easiio SMB Phone System and Call Center Advantage

Competive price,high quality,and rich in features

Simplified Management

*Small business customer support make easy

*Text to phone number and auto text response (ITR)

*Visual IVR configuration

*Visual call queue management

*Visual voice mail, and email forwarding


All in one platform for SMB

*Soft phone for all platforms

*Web chat and major chat platform integration

*Video call and small video conference

*Video conference

*Performance management


Competitive pricing with
rich features

*Text chat and voice call from company home page

*Customer web page integration

*Visual IVR and Queue management

*API /CRM integration

*Free to try

Comprehensive feature set
Voice Navigation
Customized Process
Easily guide customers
Call screen
Inbound/outbound screen
Multiple screen modes
Intelligent distribution
Flexible call distribution
A variety of ACD
Smart Routing
Multi-scene recognition
Automatic matching VIP
Multimedia access
Telephone, web,APP
Multimedia services
Ticketing Center
Closed-loop workflow
Automatic ticketing Flow
Monitoring center
Digital management
Status monitoring
Statistical report
Agent/Skill groups
Statistics of call report
Authority management
Multi-organizational structure
Department management
Audio recordings
Real-time voice recording
Large volume storage
Call Center API
Integration with third-party
API for Call Center
Satisfaction evaluation
Listening recording online
Satisfaction scoring

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