Easiio Systems, Inc

What is Easiio Cloud Customer Service?
Having a cloud customer service is like having all these features
Multi-channel online customer service
Smart robot
Work Order Center
Website visitor information statistics
Easiio Cloud Customer Service:CRM+ticket
Customer management (CRM) | One-stop after-sales service
Flexible CRM——Throughout the system
Built-in customer management system (CRM) Contains Contact Customer List. Customer distribution. View the client assigned to me. At the same time, the user data can be connected, meet the needs of customer management in many industries.
Cross-sectoral collaboration ticket——Any link can initiate a ticket
Provide smart ticketing system, to handle internal ticket transfer. Includes unassigned ticket, accepted ticket, resolved ticket, closed ticket. Support message real-time alerts. Speed up ticket processing. Improving customer experience.
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Easiio Cloud Customer Service: Data Report
Reduce data processing time —— improve agent efficiency
Multi-dimensional data statistics —— keep track of platform data
The system can count the visitor information and dialogue of all users (source information, chat times, total number of visits, active and passive chat, chat time, online time), fully reflect the results of marketing activities, and provide accurate and reliable data basis for operators.
Why choose us
Automatic distribution

In order to realize intelligent seat allocation logic and make chat customer service

more effective, we support a variety of custom allocation rules

Smart Customer Service

Intelligent customer service can replace manual customer service and connect with thousands

of visitors to obtain more customer resources for enterprises

Application scenarios

Customers can click the 'online customer service' button to enter the

manual service when they have questions about visiting various websites

Visitor Surveillance

We can carry on the omni-directional data monitoring to the website

visitor, including the source information, the customer status, the

current browsing page, the stay time, receives the customer service and so on

Quick Reply

Customer service systems can be imported into a large number of company business and product related words

(including common language, frequently asked questions and company documents)

Multi-channel tracking

We support Google, Facebook、LinkedIn、

YouTube, etc.