3 Promotion ideas to get the higher website conversion rate


Website conversion is a hot topic. A well-design website is like a company showroom. It is aimed to attract visitors and then turn the visitors into potential customers and customers. Website traffic could be expensive if it is from search Ads or other Ad sources. Sometimes, the limited traffic is very valuable especially for a startup that every customer counts. After website visitors show up on the website, the next thing the website designer like to see happen is to have more visitor leave their contact info and allow the website. When visitors visit your website, it is important to convert them into your audience.

How to get the visitor interested enough to leave their contact info? There is another Blog about this topic "7 Ways to increase your website conversion rate". Inside that blog, item 5. Give your visitor an incentive to convert is one of the very important factors affecting the outcome.  It describes one of the ways is the give the visitor enough incentive to leave their contact info. In this blog, we are focusing on these important incentives for conversion

Promotion methods for website conversion

If a website visitor wants something you provide as a free gift, most likely he or she will leave contact info in exchange for the gifts or incentive. In this blog, we describe 3 incentive ideas that will work on the website and generate conversion.

1. eBook

The eBook is one great idea to attract users to leave their contact info. By asking for an email address to send the eBook, it is easy to collect user info.

An eBook that is related to the product you offer or related to what the user interested in based on his search and browsing history will attract the person’s interest to leave his or her contact info. Writing your own eBook may not be a difficult task. Many tools can create an eBook faster and easier.  Especially, when you have the contents already ready. For example, you already have blogs prepared. Normally, it is a good idea to convert your good blog into an ebook for the visitor to read it offline. By having the valuable blog post in PDF eBook form and for subscript to future eBook serial, website visitors are likely to leave their contacts for the eBook subscription.

There are many tools available to convert your blog into an eBook. For example, exporting them from your word document into PDF. To get a more professional-looking eBook, there are many tools that can help you format your content. Here are several options:

Online tool to convert blog into eBook

http://www.designrr.io is a great easy tool to convert an existing website blog or post into a professional-looking eBook. This is probably the easiest way of publishing free eBooks for your visitors. Create a downloadable form of eBook.

eBook publishing

Free eBook software to create professional looking eBook

http://calibre-ebook.com, is a free open source eBook creating software, with more rich features.

Other resources available for the eBook software

https://www.shoutmeloud.com/apps-create-ebook.html Here is another post on the internet showing how to create an eBook by using different software tools that may be helpful to your search for the right eBook software.

Hire a writer to write professional

If you don’t have the right content and don’t have a writer in the house, you can hire an eBook writer from different websites such as

 www.fiverr.com/, www.upwork.com. On these websites, you can find the professional help you write the content. Ideally, you should have a draft idea of how you would like it in the eBook. They provide professional to help you create the right eBook.

Once you have the eBook you can use it as a convenient gift for your website visitors to convert. There are several ways you can use your eBook in the website visitor conversion.

  1. Some web pages show a popup screen or embedded button to ask the visitor to provide subscription info for the eBook.
  2. On a blog page, show some sections of the eBook and then ask the user to subscript to get the rest of the contents.
  3. Embedded a subscript form in the middle of a complete blog, to send the PDF eBook version by email.
  4. Use Easiio website chat plugin to popup the right eBook subscription inside the chat Windows.

2. coupons and discount

Asking visitor to leave their email address for interesting discount or coupon could be an incentive for them to leave contact. By providing the website’s own products or other third-party product coupons or discount codes in an eye-catching spot of the website page, could help convert more visitors.

There are many coupon sites you could work with to get the third-party coupons. Here are some of them.

https://www.canva.com create professional looking coupons and export to PDF.

https://www.voucherify.io can generate list of coupon or discount code.

https://www.postermywall.com/ is a professional poster or promotion flyer online design tool.

Once the coupon created. There are several ways to use them to in order to get the conversion.

Display the discount amount on a page or popup showing the discount amount and asked the user to fill out a form with their email address in order to receive the discount offer through email. This method requires modification of the website pages. It is not very convenient

Use Easiio website chat plugin to automatically popup the promotions coupon inside the chat window and ask the user to fill out the email form in order to receive the coupon by email. Using this method, there is no modification to the website. Just need to login to Easiio backend to modify the promotion details, or create a new promotion. There are many parameters that can be used to adjust to control the details of the promotion coupon. For example, the date the promotion available. The number of promotion coupon send out. Auto sending out coupons by email and track who received the coupon by email.

3. Small physical promotional item

A small promotional item such as a coffee mug, hat, pens, etc with a company or product logo maybe a great way of promoting the brand and get the website visitor to convert. Choosing the right items could be a challenge. There are many things to consider when customizing promotional products. Fortunately, there are many websites focusing on promotional items. Here are some of them. With the help of these websites or similar businesses out there, the selection of the right product for your promotion will be a little easier. 

Promotional items from internet suppliers

Once you purchase these promotional items. Next thing is to use them on your website. Same as Promotion 2 of coupon and discount. You can either list the item directly on your website. Or use some other website promotion management tool such as Easiio website chat plugin to manage the promotion for you. With many fine controls over the promotion, such as the number of items available, automatically send an email and check email confirmation before the shipment of the item. It makes the distribution of the promotion items as easy as possible. To make the website visitor conversion with these small gift items as simple as it can get.


Three easy website conversion promotion ideas including

  • eBook
  • Coupon and discount
  • Small gift items
Easiio webchat plugin promotion

With the promotion features of Easiio website chat plugin, the company can easily implement different promotion programs. Even changing the promotion daily or change it according to user preference and the page user visit. In conclusion, Easiio website live chat plugin with a promotion feature could be a very powerful tool to improve your website conversion rate. Please sign up and try out our website live chat support service.

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