7 Ways to Improve Your Website Conversion Rate


Website traffic is important to the source of the customer for many businesses nowadays. Website conversion rate is an important parameter to measure website performance. Many ways of attracting customers to the business website including native search (google search), display and search ad, traditional advertisement, social media posting, and social media advertisements, referral, etc. The cost of acquiring website visitors is getting higher over time especially for ad traffic as competition for limited website traffic hitting up.

Once a visitor comes to your website, the next important thing is to convert these visitors into your sales lead. Eventually, generate sales for your company. Using online customer service software or cloud customer service can improve the conversion rate. The conversion rate has a great impact on the success or failure of any advertisement campaign.  For most of the websites, a conversion rate of 2% is very normal. A 1 % conversion rate means the company is losing money. If the conversion rate goes to 5%, then the more money invests in the advertisement, the faster the company grows. As it generates positive cash flow for the investment hence great ROI for the ad campaign.

Here are 7 proven ways to improve your website conversion rate.

1. Clean website with unclutter pages

For online marketing to be successful, a clean and unclutter web pages is the key to attract visitors to read on and get to know your company offering better. It should have easy to read font and font size, with more white space in each line to promote easier reading. The text should be as concise as possible for visitors to state interested. Nice picture and icon to make reading more pleasing and fun.

2. Make it clear what is your product and services

Some of the website is unclear about what products or services they are offering. It makes it hard for visitor to determine the value of continue spending time on the website. Call out your offering early on your web page and make it concise.

3. Clear statement of why choose your products or services

The statement of what is your advantage over your competitors should stand out and make it easy for your website visitors to understand. You should call out each advantage in clear statements and compare to your competitors. The visitors should get clear idea of why choosing your offering is a great idea.

4. Add video to your website

Live contents, especially video is important these days for website visitors to understand better your offering and total value. A well-made video, hosting on YouTube, works better than a thousand words. Easiio web chat plugin, an online customer service software, is a great way of sharing a new video with your website visitors with minimal work on your own website. By adding Easiio website chat widget to your website, the webmaster can post a new video to chat windows and let it automatically popup when website visitors come to the website.

5. Give your visitor incentive to convert

Another way of improving website conversion is to add promotion for visitors to leave their contact info. Either it is a valuable eBook, special gift or coupon, or some product promotion, and ask user to leave their contact info in order to receive the offering. It is possible to use other third party offering to help you providing your promotion idea. Easiio web chat has a promotion features, that allow companies to provide their own promotion by the chat message when visitor of the website browse the site. Or it could even use other promotion providers to get the visitor converted.

6. Make it fresh with updated contents for repeat visitors

It is important to keep your website refresh with new information for repeated visitors. For visitors to see you are making progress or provide new information for them to better understand your offering and your value. Writing a new blog with helpful information, new product intro, how to blog, news related to your field will attract visitors to spend more time with your website. After you write a new blog, how to get the visitor's notice of the new blog of your site is the problem. Easiio website chat widget can be used to quickly show visitors your promotion items including your new blog. By auto popup the chat window and showing a short intro of the new blog and a link to it, it alerts the visitors of what is noteworthy. So, they can jump quickly to your new blog. This should improve the website conversion rate.

Easiio online customer service software, live chat widget for website conversion rate improvement
Easiio online customer service live chat widget

7. Make it easy to contact your company or find assistant

Another issue that causes low website conversion rate is the visitor cannot find the answer to their questions. By using Easiio website chat widget, website visitors can interact with Chatbot to search for answers. Or they use live chat support or sales agent. On the other hand, the sales can directly see who is visiting the website and initiate the chat with the visitor. By helping them answer important questions, website support agents, or sales can help convert many more visitors into potential customers. If you don’t like the Easiio webchat widget, we would recommend you use other live chat providers, such as HubSpot, that can help you convert more website traffic.

How to get start

As website traffic is getting more expensive to acquire, it is important to try to convert this valuable traffic as much as possible. Hence improve website conversion rate is an important job for the business. A great web chat/live chat interface is like the salesman in the showroom. It helps customers to make the right decision and hopeful in favor of your offering. Successful website sales strategies depend on efficient website customer engagement solutions. Such as customer service robot, website customer service system, online customer service software, etc.

Easiio is a SaaS customer service software provider. It provides a website chat widget and website contact center. The service comes with many important features for website conversion. Features such as chatbot (ITR), live chat, visitor monitoring, alert, website audio, and video chat. Besides the website chat widget plugin running on the customer website. Sales or support agents can use Easiio web chat interface or PC client to monitor the website visitors and know many of the visitor info, they can better engage with customers at the right moment. Easiio web report is the reporting page for the website visitor information, for example how many users visited the site and how long they stay, whether there is a chat session with the agents and how long is the session, etc.

In conclusion, Easiio web contact center technology help customer turns their website into a sale powerhouse by increase website conversion rate. Try out our web contact center by signing up here. It is free to try out for the first 30 days, start live chat.