What is a cloud base phone system?


Office phone systems

The business phone solutions are critical to business as it provides business customers with necessary means of communication with business. The tradition phone systems such as PBX has been used in business for decades. Then comes the IP PBX replaced PBX as the office phone systems with IP network connection replacing the dedicated phone line in business building. Using SIP protocol and other standard IP based protocol phone systems use VoIP call or SIP call, normally called a VoIP system. With signaling using SIP protocol and media using RTP/UDP protocol, it make compatibility of components from different vendors become easy. The IP PBX and VoIP business phone systems quickly taken off with many vendors getting into this market and the cost come down quickly.

Cloud business phone system

The cloud based phone systems is a recent development in communication technology. By turning to cloud SaaS model and tenancy business phone systems or called office phone systems. It provides the cloud base VoIP system for multiple companies from single cloud system. Since business just need to deploy the VoIP desk phone or VoIP soft phone, also called soft sip phone. Companies can provides employees with communication tool that is not limited to one location. While a company is distributed in many different office, employee can still appear to be a single business with same area code. Employees working from home can still use all features of the business phone systems.

Cloud base call center and contact center

Cloud base call center

With the development of cloud base phone system, comes the Cloud base call center technology as new customer service platform, or cloud contact center software. Cloud base call center is replacing traditional on-premise call center software with hosted voice call center or contact center. Cloud VoIP call center has the benefit of allowing call center agents to work from different locations and with centralize management. It has features such as:

  • inbound call center software
  • outbound call center software
  • auto caller or predictive dialer
  • ticketing softwares or ticketing system
  • help desk ticketing system.

You can find many of the great quality SaaS base Cloud base phone system providers. Easiio as one of cloud base phone system provider. It has great features, quality and cost combination to be one of your top choice for your business. You can signup for free trail. And experience how Easiio technology can help business to build better customer service using our call center software or phone system. In a separate blog, we summary how to have a successful call center. Easiio Phone the follow features:

  • Audio/Video call and conference
  • Complete phone system features
  • Detail call statistics
  • Call center configuration
  • CRM integration (HubSpot, SalesForce)
  • Chat bot support
  • Hosting business support page and chat
  • IVR/ITR visual config with template

Here is our advantages:

  • Paid as you go model available
  • Great audio and video quality and features
  • Low cost
  • Great customer support
  • Complete call center features as business phone price
  • Visual IVR and ITR
  • Open API to integrate with other service
  • VoIP SDK for special application

In conclusion, Easiio is great office phone service you can depends one. Try out our service for free.