What functions should the call center system have?


In this era of rapid development, market competition is increasingly fierce. If companies want to attract and retain customers, they need a combination of online and offline marketing. Companies used to wait for customers to come to the door, and now they actively strive to attract customers. Not only must they win customers, but they must also do a good job in the after-sales work after customers purchase. So as to improve customers’ availability of various call center products on the market. There is a mixture of a different flavors of call center technology. So which functions should a good call center system have? The following blog summarizes it, I hope it will be helpful to you after reading it.

What functions should a good call center system have?

  • Automatic Voice Response System (IVR):

When customers call the customer service hotline by phone, they are guided by the prompts of the automatic voice response system and selected the information they need by pressing the buttons. This information is recorded voice messages in advance. They can be product introductions, customer information, etc. The most common thing in our lives is functions such as call charge inquiry, business processing, and call charge recharge.

  • Automatic call distribution function (ACD):

The automatic traffic distribution function is to automatically transfer customer calls to corresponding agents or other corresponding items for processing through specific rules, rationally arrange agent resources, and allocate customer calls to the most suitable agents for processing.

  • Incoming call screen:

The call pop-up screen is used in conjunction with the customer relationship management system. The customer relationship management system records various information of customers. When a customer makes a call or an agent calls out, the call pop-up function can quickly and automatically display customer-related information on the screen. On the one hand, it provides customer information to the agent. On the other hand, if customer information is missing, supplementary information updates can be made through this call.

  • Recording system:

When the agent talks with the customer, every call will be recorded. The recording file records include the duration of the call, the calling number, the called number, the agent number and other related information, which can be used for quality inspection monitoring and can also leave evidence for the user's subsequent complaints material.

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM):

An important function in the call center system is customer relationship management. This function can realize the recording and management of detailed information about the customer's full life cycle and is also a necessary function of the call center system. When a customer seeks help from the call center through channels such as telephone, webchat, etc., the service staff can immediately know from the customer relationship management system the product model purchased by the customer, the date of purchase, and other information, without the customer making too much explanation or waiting. Can provide customers with a better experience. Easiio integrated with SalesForce, HubSpot, and other CRM systems.

  • Work Order System:

The work order system is like a problem tracker. When the customer service is serving the customer, it can record the customer’s problems, needs, etc. and generate work orders. Different types of work orders will be dispatched to the corresponding departments or personnel for processing, which is effective Connect the overall business process in series.

  • Satisfaction survey:

Customer satisfaction survey is a means of differentiated competition. An easy-to-use call center system must have a satisfaction survey function. It can be a survey of the call in user experience or an evaluation of customer service, improve business service quality through satisfaction surveys.

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