The advantages of cloud call center system


Cloud call center is become more and more popular in recently year in call center deployment. Because it can save a lot of deployment IT space, based on cloud technology, faster online speed, security and reliability. In addition to these benefits, cloud call center systems offer the following benefits: stability, cost-effective call center system.

Zero-cost to open their own cloud call center system, no need to install hardware equipment, just open the account to use. It saves a lot of costs to get started. The cost of systems is only less than half of the traditional call center. With high-quality lines, no concurrency cap, clear and stable call results, rich number resources, support a variety of access methods to meet the needs of the enterprise. It can be described as the best contact center software in recent years.  

2.manual customer service mode, improve the efficiency of the call.

Call center software function has manual customer service out dial mode or the system automatic out dial mode. When call connected by the other end, it will automatically connect the call to customer service representative. It can provide more accurate service, reduce the waste of call agent’s time;

Deployment mode for cloud call center systems: 

1.public cloud deployment: public cloud deployment has 0 cost up front, flexible rental, quick to go live, distributed deployment, with no geographic restrictions. All resources are hosted on public cloud servers. Enterprises can only purchase accounts to use call center products, to achieve business light assets, and leasing necessary hardware.

2. private cloud deployment: private cloud deployment model has very high security, customization is more flexible, can have higher-quality voice calls. By building a complete set of environments such as cloud call centers, data centers, servers, etc., we provide enterprises with call centers based on distributed, big data processing power, and data analytics capabilities.

The scenario and value of cloud call center systems: .

1. customer service: to help efficiently complete the call, solve customer problems, customer information records etc, improve customer satisfaction.

2. telemarketing: to help sales staff more easily collect management customer information, calls, appointments, management opportunities and sales leads.

3. user operation: collect the user key information, help enterprises instantly turn potential users into customers according to the user data.

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