What’s Easiio support flow?
Support your business process from marketing, sales, product delivery and finally support using same user-friendly task flow interface
Sales flow
Sales processing
Fulfillment flow
Deliver your product
Support flow
Customer support
How does it work?
Make your website your support center by
using the Support Flow web site plugin.
Customers create an account to keep track of their support tickets.
Create and track customer tickets from the company website.
Support call, email, SMS or message in a single place.
Company can use Support flow to support external Sales,
Support or Product delivery. Or use it for internal support (IT, HR, facility etc.).
Easy interface for agile customer support.
Support flow process
It is a good process support system for start-ups and small business. Support Flow ADAPTS to how you work.
Start with easy template and customize as needed.
Start your efficient journey
Try it now for free, or talk to us directly to learn and evaluate how
support flow can help your team go further


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