How Live Chat can Improve Your Website Conversion Rate


A good marketing website to have great customer experience will need constant improvement. So the website can have better and better visitor statistics. To make a static website into a live showroom, it is a great idea to add real-time communication. In order to achieve the effect of better communication between visitors and sales or support agent. Easiio offers a new website sales tool that lets you view your site visitors and chat with them in real-time, turning them into your customers or partners.

Internet sales first to establish good marketing objectives, we do network promotion is for what? Many websites have many preferential forms so that users can not understand. You are not sure what your conversion target is, and the conversion rate of the target page is naturally not high. In order to solve this problem, In addition to a concise title, convincing copywriting, and efficient web loading speed, the real-time chat is also important.

What is the difference of Easiio Web Chat

How to do a live chat? Easiio webchat widget implements this function very well. Easiio web chat can view the country and city of website visitors in real-time. Customer status (waiting/connecting/exited manual session/connection timeout), current page visited, and browsing duration. It prioritizes 20 customers with the longest browsing time.

If the visitor has the more likely purchase intentions, then switches to live chat at an appropriate time to provide help to customers. So as to facilitate customers to place orders or start partnerships. Improve visitor conversion rates on landing pages and target pages.

Landing page conversion is a key factor in improving website conversion rates. Research shows that companies that increase the number of landing pages from 10 to 15 have a 55% increase in the total number of potential customers. Therefore, one of the biggest challenges marketers face is landing page optimization, and web chat is to increase website conversion rates. The most direct and effective way.

Easiio website live chat and customer support software

Website visitor tracking

When a visitor enters the website, he does not start a chat conversation. If the content of the website is not enough to answer visitor's questions, the visitor may or may not initiate the chat session. In this case, the role of the dialogue invitation comes out. According to big data analysis, agent proactively inviting dialogues can increase corporate performance by 30% or more. Customer service or sales can judge the time to invite chat based on the data displayed in the background (the customer's current page visit, browsing time, etc.).

The average website visitor only stays on the website for 15 seconds. Most websites have a pop-up rate of 20%-40%, and many potential customers are missed. With the Easiio plug-in, you can:

 Firstly, retain website visitors

 Secondly, help them find what they are looking for in real-time

 Thirdly, convert visitors into potential customers faster

 Fourthly, understand their needs before starting to sell

Live chat with text can upgrade to voip audio or video call

If the text chat is not enough, upgrade to call. Although there are many chat plugins available, the Easiio web plugin has the ability to upgrade chat with website visitors to voice, video calls, and desktop sharing. As sometimes text chat is not enough or as efficient.

Firstly, upgrade chat to free voice, video call or desktop sharing

Secondly, call, video, and chat on the same interface

Thirdly, turn more potential customers into sales

Fourthly, no dial-up is required to improve customer satisfaction

Easiio Live Chat Conclusion

  As you can see, online chat is a powerful tool to attract consumers to stay on the site. In the process of interaction, real-time chat can break through the gap between websites and potential consumers. On one hand, it improves the service experience of potential customers, on the other hand, it speeds up the order payment process.

In addition, online chat can in most cases encourage customers to continue to use your products or services. For many companies, the more timely the communication, the more orders are placed. Hence, the higher the profit. This is exactly what the company wants. Therefore, adding "online chat" services to your website is a very important sales strategy.

If you want to increase customer satisfaction and sales conversion rate, whether you are focusing on the Southeast Asian market (Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, etc.). Or focusing on the European market (UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Russia), or your main focus is on the US and Canadian markets. Why not try Easiio's online chat system with chatbot and customer live chat services to answer questions for visitors in a timely manner. Answer important customer questions, and increase order conversion rate! In another article, there are more tips about how to improve the website conversion rate. Read on.