How to build a web page chat support and some of the important features


Easiio Web Customer Service is a customer service software that provides online services to enterprises. It helps the company in various business applications on the Internet, improve the overall competitiveness of your business. Easiio customer service software can monitor customer’s web site visitor in real time, customer service or sale agent can actively engage with customer with chat message, friendly communication, and have visitor leave contact information.

Customer service, using Easiio Web chat, can start chat with web site visitors at the right time to improve the sales conversion rate, and improve the customer support efficiency. This allows companies to use less time, get more sales opportunities, achieve more accurate marketing, more accurate customer service, and achieve sustained growth in sales performance. The key is to solve problems for customers and bring better service to customer especially web customers.


  • Customer service or sales person can directly see the current visitors to the web site, and actively initiate chat, can effectively work with each potential customer, improve the efficiency of sales and improve web site visitor conversion rate.
  • As users leave contact information, Easiio backend send out email to sales or customer service with the contact information. So the sales or customer service can contact customers as soon as possible. Allow companies to serve their web visitor faster, so that the return on marketing investment become higher as the conversion rate become more significant.
  • Easiio web customer service chat agent, can manage chat with six customers at the same time, greatly improve service efficiency and save staffing costs.


  • Customizable chat window pop-up: Customize pop-up window delay time can automatically delay pop-up chat window to a specific time interval after user open the web page.
  • Launch video call: customer service agent can initiate video call to web site visitors, agent can solve the problem face-to-face, communicate more efficiently and save time.
  • Agent status: the platform supports a variety of customer service status, customer service can be adjusted according to the current situation such as online, offline, break.
  • Offline message: when there is no customer service online, the visitors can leave message to the backend and tickets or notification will be generated to ensure that no potential customer is lost.
  • History contact record: the backend platform automatically stores the user web chat record, when the visitor chat again again, the customer service can read the user chat history.
  • Online dialogue: a variety of enhanced chat to establish dialogue with site visitors, more powerful chat features to assist conversation, so that agent can provide visitors with the best professional services.
  • Send video, picture: dialogue can easily send pictures, documents, video, Youtube video to help communication, improve customer service efficiency.

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