Functions and functions of call center software call platform


1. IVR voice navigation function: when the customer dials the hotline number, the system automatically plays the content of the voice navigation: welcome to call xx company, please press 1 for product inquiries, please install 2 for order inquiries, please install 3 for after-sales service, please press 4 for complaints Please press 0 for service.

2. ACD intelligent queuing function: customer calls are automatically placed in the queue for waiting, and multiple distribution modes can be set according to actual needs, such as receiving the last service seat, polling call, the longest call, etc., which can not only save customer waiting time, but also Improve user experience. When the seats are busy, the customer can enter the voice mailbox to leave a voice message to the designated seats. 3. Call pop-up function: When a customer calls for consultation, the system automatically pops up customer related information: number of calls, historical service records, service content, etc., so that agents can understand and record service information and provide customers with more accurate services. 4. CRM customer relationship management function: closed-loop customer management, including customer data storage, modification, customization, distribution, import and export; unified collection and management of customer data, save all customer call records, work order records, conversation records, business records, Provide data support for customer demand forecasting and customer experience optimization. 5. Call recording function: The system can automatically record all incoming calls (whether manually answered or unanswered) and record them in the designated server, which is convenient for future query or management. The recording function can also be used to assess the staff's service attitude towards customers, especially the service attitude of the customer service department. 6. Work order management function: Work orders can be divided into three types: service work orders, consulting work orders and complaint work orders. Each work order is a service record, which accurately records user needs, and is based on type, content, and solution status After categorizing, and then transferring to the corresponding department or personnel for processing according to the work order management rules. Through the work order management system, it is possible to ensure that customer issues are followed up in time, so as to avoid the situation that users’ problems are not resolved in time. 7. Knowledge base function: With the help of the knowledge base, the agent can be responsible for the consultation and reception of multiple products or services at the same time, which can effectively reduce labor costs; the intelligent voice navigation function provides users with self-service based on the knowledge base to help users quickly Efficiently solve some routine basic problems and reduce the workload of customer service staff. 8. Statistical report function: Provide call center detailed reports and statistical reports. The statistical dimensions can be time, personnel, business type, skills, system resources, etc. Such as: service level, call rate, abandoned call rate and average waiting time, etc. These are important data for enterprises to analyze customers