EASIIO cloud call center


With the popularity of cloud technology, the cloud call center has developed rapidly in recent years because of its low cost, flexible deployment and easy expansion of function. This call center technology system not only covers the full functionality of traditional call center systems, but also incorporates advanced Internet technology and communication technology, VoIP call center enables a new cloud-based telephone system such as distribution call center agents, online video, online calls, text chat, co-browsing, form sharing, desktop sharing, whiteboards, file transfer, and so on.

The background report data provided, can be used to evaluate the sales workload, service attitude, skill level, work efficiency and other business capabilities to examine, through real-time monitoring, recording and listening and other means, can monitor the details of how customer service representative to handle the calls, for better control of the entire service quality of customer service. Business statistics report can start from the business volume, work efficiency, system utilization rate, agent busy rate, user geographical distribution, customer resource mining and other aspects, to provide managers with detailed and real first-hand materials, for the rational use of human and material resources, to provide information to improve the total call connect rate.

EASIIO's cloud-based call center system supports PSTN phone access, cloud relay access, and media call access. Traditional telephone access, compatible with the existing communication mode, cloud relay access, can greatly reduce the cost of calls, and through internal soft exchange, off-site agent and agent calls between the web users and agents do not generate any call charges, MCI module support through the WEB website click to access user calls, instant messaging, data transmission, etc., to achieve more personalized functions to support. Our call center program also includes automatic dialer or call predictive dialer, providing fully automatic dialer, semi- automatic outbound call and other functions, greatly reducing labor costs, improve work efficiency. Provide customers with a very complete inbound and outbound call center.

EASIIO cloud-call center system, take full advantage of cloud network, complete the unity of voice telephone communication and data communication, integrated voice system, video and data communication to generate new call center business, and it seamlessly links with the mature call center (Call Center) module, such as CTI technology, cloud CC technology, Internet technology, VO cloud technology, soft switching technology, network technology and database technology in one, provide cloud-based call center solutions.

The Easiio phone provides leading cloud-based telephony services, cloud business phone system and call center solutions. It supports a variety of end devices, including Android/iPhone, PC, MAC, and provides video chat for meetings. It also provides other UC features, including text, chat, call center queue management, corporate directories, and more. Easiio call center system supports round-robin queuing, minimum number of answers queue, maximum idle time queue, priority queuing, call number queuing and other call distribution rules, is the best call center telephone system.