Easiio cloud business phone system (cloud PBX)


Easiio cloud PBX is a cloud base business phone system with VoIP technology and cloud computing architecture. It supports SIP trunk, PSTN E1, and a mobile phone gateway to the PSTN line. The Client-side can be equipped with a hardware SIP phone or, PC / mobile softphone, the Easiio Phone. It has the characteristics of reliable, low cost, multi-function, fast deployment, easy management. It can provide efficient and flexible integrated communication solutions for different types of customers. Such as startup teams, large enterprises, multinational corporations, even call centers, see another blog about the call center.

1. Soft Phone

EASIIO cloud PBX soft phone, support to run on the mobile devices (Android/iOS) and PC (Windows/macOS). They allow users to call and answer calls anytime, anywhere. They have company directory, call history, and provide conference calls, one-click recording, call push, call record, voice message and other practical functions.

2. Interactive Voice Response-IVR

Easiio cloud PBX supports multi-level IVR, supports user-defined prompt tone and key settings. Users can also set up a variety of multi-level IVR, according to work hours, holidays, and other situations. Therefore, effectively help enterprises improve their external image, and customer service satisfaction.

Easiio Business Phone System supports multi-level IVR and queues

3. Telephone recordings

EASIIO cloud PBX supports automatic recording of calls to an extension, external phone line, conference room. In addition, recording storage space can be expanded. Support voice mail forward to email.

4. Teleconference

Easiio cloud PBX supports the creation of multiple conference rooms. Each one supports a maximum of 16 person conference calls. Moreover, teleconferences can be initiated by invitation or call in, and provide a visual conference control panel to initiate, monitor, and manage meetings.

5. Call queue of business phone system

Enabling the call queue function is equivalent to setting up a small call center. With IVR and call queue, the system can track the state of the seat in real-time and assign a call to the correct seat. Therefore, according to the selected algorithm, the system can use IVR and call queue to direct the call to the most suitable person.

In addition, when all customer service lines are busy, the system can play the music while waiting, and regularly prompt the caller for queue order.

Easiio business phone support call queue for better customer service and distribution of works.

6. VoIP Phone Multi-terminal Support

In addition to the mobile phone and PC app, users can also register the same extension number to multiple SIP terminals at the same time.

When a call arrives at the extension, all terminals of the extension ring at the same time and the user can connect from any terminal to answer a call. At the same time, these terminals have the external call permission of the extension. Users can make other extensions or external calls at any one of these terminals. Therefore, it is applicable to the SOHO office, business travel, multi-point office, and other business scenarios.

Easiio Business Phone Service support multiple terminal for distributed work force.

7. Time conditional routing

Set up different ways to deal with incoming calls during working days and holidays. Therefore, different time calls get handle efficiently.

Easiio cloud PBX support setting time conditions, according to the set time, automatically switch incoming routing. Therefore, customers in off-duty calls can also be well handled.

8. Smart call routing

When a phone user calls customers through outside lines on cloud PBX, the phone system will remember the call. Regardless of whether the customer pickups the call or no. After that as long as the customer dials back this company's business number, Easiio Cloud business phone will direct the call to the last phone user that made the call.

Easiio Business phone system have smart routing to direct the call to right person.

Easiio Business Phone System (PBX) Features:

  • Audio call and conference
  • Video call and conference
  • Text Chat
  • Company directory with multiple levels
  • Free PC apps (Mac, Windows)
  • Free Mobile apps (iOS, Android)
  • One external multiple devices
  • IVR
  • Call queue
  • Call forwarding
  • Auto recording
  • Call transfer
  • Call hold
  • Follow me
  • Blacklist
  • 800 phone lines
  • Local phone lines

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