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We offer solution for rapid development of high-quality software and service, especially cloud base SaaS service with very competitive price with web frontend developer cost as low as $20/hr. With seasoned product management and user interface/experience designers and engineering, this makes Easiio a one-stop-shop for digital product development especially for rapid prototyping for startups or initial projects.
Web Site
SaaS Web
Desktop Client
Game Development
Develop H5 mini games with seamless integration into Web3 and cryptocurrency platforms. Whether creating a brand-new game or adapting an existing one for Web3 and crypto compatibility, we cater to all your web3 gaming needs. We also offer traditional Web2 browser games.
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Web Site Development
Design and develop amazing website for your business. It could be a simple or as complex as your business needed. With additional capability of online customer support, social and commerce.
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SaaS Web Development
SaaS web development is one of top skill from us. We have own SaaS platform and helped many customers to successfully build and deployed SaaS platform. Including video conference, call center, Video streaming, CRM type applications, game guild management platform,social networking application and many others. With scalability, security and performance needed for large scale SaaS application or enterprise cloud application.
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Desktop Client Development
Develop native or hybrid desktop client application with efficiency and speed. With cross platform framework, we can develop cross platform code for easy management of the client software.
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UI/UX Design
We have strong UI/UX design team to help design your application or service as needed. We have experience in designing the web site, web base SaaS application, desktop app and mobile app.
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Block-chain/NFT Development
With Web3.0 and other new technology application become more and more common in many applications. We have senior engineers help your business develop for block-chain and NFT. Outsource your block-chain, NFT and smart contract development to take your web3.0 idea to the market faster.
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We are your extended team
Our mission is to make your project a successful one. We have the top talent and senior tech leads, who are dedicated to provide your project with the cutting edge software stack and efficient development technology.
Corporate vision:
Your success
is our business
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