Better customer support and sales lead capture with Easiio chatbot


Web site is a business store front to provide web site visitor a guide to the product or service provided by this business and maybe capture some sales lead or sales. To a visitor, a chat widget on the front page, such as Hubspot, could help the visitors with helpful information when they have any questions. Live chat and chatbot has become a common tool in a web site.

Video introduction of product or support subject has become more and more common nowadays as it is easy for visitor to understand. Easiio provides a free version of multimedia chatbot that could help the customers with helpful information. The chatbot allow customer to search for certain information which could be in file such as PDF, PPT, or multimedia such as audio or video. With easy to use web UI, user can quickly add multimedia chatbot support to a web site. It could also become very powerful when added the API to connect to some backend services of the business. The chatbot also can be configured to connect to sales or support agent by configure the ITR script using the IVR web UI. Visit can smoothly transfer to a real human after interacting with Easiio chatbot.

Easiio Multimedia Chatbot Flow

Try out Easiio chatbot and find out how powerful it could be. It is free anyway. Editing of the chatbot logic is provided by ITR web editing UI. There are many elements could be used for the ITR, which we will introduce in another blog about these details. Easiio also provides cloud phone system (cloud PBX) and call center technology. Visit us at