Call center system solution


One of the core scenario of the telemarketing system for an enterprise is an outbound call.Which is essentially an outbound call center system. The most important functions are outbound calls and customer management. The telemarketing system solution includes two aspects: intelligent outbound calls and customer management.Which is of great significance for enterprises to carry out telemarketing.

Call Center System

Outbound call management

Outbound call management is actually the management of telemarketing data, that is, the outbound call situation of sales staff. Through the background data statistics, call recording and other functions.You can understand its documentary data and performance data. nd provide data support for related performance evaluation mechanisms. It is also helpful to the implementation of related business decisions.

Customer management

The first, filter invalid Problems can be adjusted in timeleads:

Companies can import customer data into the CRM system in batches. Some of these data are invalid. Through the set rules, the telemarketing system can filter the data and eliminate invalid data. On the other hand, user portraits can be established based on data to improve the accuracy of leads.

Second, customer status follow-up:

After the salesperson completes the telemarketing task, he can create customer information, record the customer's intentions, and update the customer status in time during follow-up. It is important to the mange of customer leads.It is also convenient for managers to view the work status of sales staff and customer information.Problems can be adjusted in time.

Third, classification management:

And adopt different strategies and follow-up methods according to customers at different sales stages to increase the lead conversion rate.

Fourth, opportunity Management

Through the management of sales leads, distribution after collision.Avoid repeated follow-ups and improve the utilization of leads.

The call center telemarketing system solution is mainly aimed at the telemarketing industry.Through the management of outbound calls and customer leads.To achieve precise marketing and improve efficiency.