AI improve the call center system efficiency


Why AI call center is the way to go? We are trying to solve traditional call center problem. Traditional sales methods rely on five defects of manual telephones:

First, operating costs are high, such as wages, commissions, social security, telephone bills, and office are all operating costs of the company.

Second, it is difficult to find customers, sales hang up rate is high when calling, and it takes a lot of time to screen potential customers.

Third, the turnover of personnel is large, the turnover rate of new sales personnel is high, and the time of old sales personnel is difficult to control, and recruitment costs and management costs increase.

Fourth, training time is long, new employees have insufficient sales experience, no standard sales skills, and training requires a lot of time.

Fifth, the data is not accurate. Customer intentions change in real-time, employee tracking records are untrue, it is impossible to count every word spoken by customers, and it is impossible to form a customer image.

AI call center can improve the sales and support

AI in Call Center

Now everyone is talking about artificial intelligence. Since 1956, the concept of artificial intelligence has been proposed. After more than 60 years of development, this process has gone through three main stages. Due to insufficient computing power, there is no machine learning algorithm, no in-depth neural network algorithm, and no very advanced data algorithm. The second stage in the 1980s was typically a dark blue chess robot, which was an expert model that simulated all possible results, and then found an overturning plan. Like a bully who played chess when he was a child, he has options. The computer can choose simple, intermediate. The difference is time. In fact, this is a retrospective algorithm. This is the current status of intelligent speech recognition, which is a very typical labor-intensive industry of selling electricity.

 As far as the recording scene is concerned, there are only three technical points:

First, ASR, intelligent speech recognition, speech can be converted into text form;

Second, NLP part, intelligent speech processing or intelligent speech understanding;

Third, in the TTS part, the text to be answered is converted into a recording form, and then placed in my customer service hall to form a call.

Available AI for Call Center

In this process, the current technology is also very mature, including Microsoft, IBM, Amazon, Tencent, Ali, iFLYTEK and other technologies have very mature technology. The application value lies in the use of artificial intelligence to assist sales to improve performance, or to help customer service improve service satisfaction.

Image recognition, speech recognition, which is a type of pattern recognition. Another layer of truth can summarize and reason about the entire data, while data understanding belongs to another layer, namely intelligent voice processing. This needs to be done through the underlying data engine, including the thesaurus correction deviation, word segmentation module, keyword module, probability analysis module, sentiment analysis module, logic controller, control computer, supervised learning, unsupervised learning, and other processes to form reinforcement learning, Generate the model to achieve the transfer effect. Easiio technology in this field is very mature and can provide enterprises with a set of higher quality services. Signup for free webchat.