The future of chat bots


Chatbot is one of the hottest branches of AI at the moment. Now and in the next few years, they will become more and more popular in life, and they will become more and more invisible in services. New and innovative user cases can help chatbot improve its performance in multiple areas and better serve users. Of course, the real question is whether chatbot can meet the expectations of users, and whether it can persuade users who are accustomed to chatting with real people to switch to bots-for example, Facebook will integrate chatbot into its Messenger application so that companies can communicate with them Of customers make hu; Amazon Echo allows users to use chatbot to open music players or pay credit card bills, Domino’s Pizza allows customers to place orders through social media.

If we look back at the evolution and development of the AI field in the past 50 years, the greatest achievement is the algorithm that has pioneered AI research. And with the popularity and application, such as browser search algorithms, we no longer regard it as AI. We see the same trend in chatbot, because these algorithms are being used in more places, not just in the chat software you know. Indeed, in the next 10 years, we will not feel that chatbot is special, but will regard it as an app or a black technology that needs to be imagined, and we are accustomed to it.