September 20, 2020
Integration of a contact center with CRM such as HubSpot is a very common practice to make the customer support or sales work much more efficient. For example, by the associate, each call to a ticket in CRM, makes tracking the call easy to make sure the customer issue is resolved at the end. When the website visitor fills out a contact form, we would like the contact info of the user was saved to
September 20, 2020
Easiio cloud PBX is a cloud base business phone system with VoIP technology and cloud computing architecture. It supports SIP trunk, PSTN E1, and a mobile phone gateway to the PSTN line. The Client-side can be equipped with a hardware SIP phone or, PC / mobile softphone, the Easiio Phone. It has the characteristics of reliable, low cost, multi-function, fast deployment, easy management. It ca
September 2, 2020
A good marketing website to have great customer experience will need constant improvement. So the website can have better and better visitor statistics. To make a static website into a live showroom, it is a great idea to add real-time communication. In order to achieve the effect of better communication between visitors and sales or support agent. Easiio offers a new website sales tool that lets
September 1, 2020
Website traffic is important to the source of the customer for many businesses nowadays. Website conversion rate is an important parameter to measure website performance. Many ways of attracting customers to the business website including native search (google search), display and search ad, traditional advertisement, social media posting, and social media advertisements, referral, etc. The cost
August 19, 2020
Chat robot is a new man-machine interface, a new method of publishing software service through dialogue interface, and a new client portal solution. The customer service software completes the dialogue by the software and brings the product, service, or brand to customers by chat interface. By configuration, the EASIIO chat robot can easily answer the common problems of many customers at the
August 18, 2020
Easiio Web Customer Service is a customer service software that provides online services to enterprises. It helps the company in various business applications on the Internet, improve the overall competitiveness of your business. Easiio customer service software can monitor customer’s web site visitor in real time, customer service or sale agent can actively engage with customer with chat message
August 12, 2020
With the popularity of cloud technology, the cloud call center has developed rapidly in recent years because of its low cost, flexible deployment and easy expansion of function. This call center technology system not only covers the full functionality of traditional call center systems, but also incorporates advanced Internet technology and communication technology, VoIP call center&nbs
August 12, 2020
Cloud call center is become more and more popular in recently year in call center deployment. Because it can save a lot of deployment IT space, based on cloud technology, faster online speed, security and reliability. In addition to these benefits, cloud call center systems offer the following benefits: stability, cost-effective call center system. Zero-cost to open their own cloud c
August 9, 2020
Office phone systems The business phone solutions are critical to business as it provides business customers with necessary means of communication with business. The tradition phone systems such as PBX has been used in business for decades. Then comes the IP PBX replaced PBX as the office phone systems with IP network connection replacing the dedicated phone line in business building. Using
July 12, 2020
by Easiio team- Happy customer is our focus In recent years, the focus of enterprise competition for the market has gradually move from the quality and the price of products to customer service quality. As a professional customer service call center, how can operators improve the service for customers? Here are four key points we recommend: Professional training system support Profession
May 18, 2020
Web site is a business store front to provide web site visitor a guide to the product or service provided by this business and maybe capture some sales lead or sales. To a visitor, a chat widget on the front page, such as Hubspot, could help the visitors with helpful information when they have any questions. Live chat and chatbot has become a common tool in a web site. Video introduction of


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